Moseley Fertilizer Service

Moseley Fertilizer Service

Moseley Fertilizer Service
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When you’re trying to maximize on your Chesterfield lawn, Moseley fertilizer service should be at the top of your list. A yard will never be a lawn if it doesn’t have a proper control of weeds and a consistent input of fertilizer. In RVA, most residential properties grow turf type tall fescue, a cool season turf grass that requires annual reseeding to keep its population healthy and thick. Because turf type tall fescue, like most other types of grass that have been domesticated for aesthetic appeal, is not native to nor naturally growing in our area, a fescue lawn requires Moseley fertilizer service to keep it green and attractive.

Fertilizer is any type of soil amending product that makes the environment in which a plant like turf type tall fescue is trying to grow more habitable and sustaining. This can be done by adding or balancing nutrition, increasing beneficial microbe activity, supporting levels of organic matter, or regulating the pH of the soil to be suitable to the type of grass being cultivated. Proper Moseley fertilizer services are going to address the needs of a unique Chesterfield lawn rather than try to force a “one size fits all” program. The fertilizer your neighbor’s lawn needs may not be the same as what your lawn needs, so they shouldn’t be treated the same way.

With Moseley fertilizer service comes the management of common Virginia weeds that will always be trying to grow in a healthy, open environment like your lawn. Keep in mind, weeds themselves are nature’s way of regulating your soil and addressing issues like compaction, poor drainage, or nutrient deficiency. As a result, it’s important to work toward fixing the issues that are supporting the weeds to make them less aggressive and give your fescue a chance to establish itself instead. Standard weed control covered in turf management programs includes pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide to not only kill weeds that have started to creep in, but to also prevent their development in the summer.

For a turf type tall fescue lawn, no fertilizer program is complete without the inclusion of an annual aeration and seeding service. Whether it’s liquid or mechanical aeration, it’s important to reduce compaction in any lawn to allow for the proper flow of water, air, nutrients, and turf roots. Fall is a great time for this service to be done in RVA because it can be paired with overseeding, the application of fescue seed to replenish the lawn’s population. In an average season, even a healthy fescue lawn will lose 10-20% of its grass by the end of summer due to heat, disease, or general wear and tear. Proper application of a high quality, weed free seed is the best way to recover this loss and make sure that your investment in Moseley fertilizer services doesn’t go to waste.

So what can be done to make sure that your Moseley fertilizer services are the best they can be? It’s simple: call Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance. PPLM is rated as the best lawn care and turf management company in RVA, providing revolutionary lawn service and unbeatable customer service to Chesterfield, Moseley, Midlothian, Richmond, Short Pump, Mechanicsville, Quinton, Chester, Colonial Heights, and more for over ten years. PPLM offers convenient flat monthly subscription rates that bundle your fertilizer, weed control, aeration, seeding, and even a soil sample to make sure that the stress is taken out of your lawn care experience. Contact PPLM today to make sure that your lawn will be Picture Perfect this season!

PPLM Provides Moseley Fertilizer Service and other services listed below:

● – Tailored and Detailed Fertilization Programs

● – Weed Control

● – Aeration and Overseeding

● – Mosquito Control

● – Fungus Control

● – Grub Control

● – Nutsedge Control

● – Plus More…….

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