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#Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance is providing concierge style full service lawn care maintenance programs for Central and Southside Virginia. Our professional services focus on the things the average home owner can't do, like customized fertilization programs, core aeration, overseeding, fungicide treatment, and soil sampling. Everyone wants a great lawn, but not every provider designs a program specific to your unique yard and employs the proper balance of seed, feed, and weed control throughout the year.

We proudly provide the best customer service in the industry to support our high quality lawn treatment services for the Greater Richmond and Chesterfield areas.

If you want to make sure that your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood without having to stress over it yourself, our programs and a la carte services are here to keep it simple and affordable.

Note: Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance no longer offers mowing services. We found that while mowing providers are easy to come by, expert lawn maintenance, fertilization, aeration, etc., which are our areas of expertise, is more difficult. We opted to focus on those difficult things that help ensure a beautiful, green healthy lawn.

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Available Lawn Care Packages

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PPLM’s team has designed three Picture Perfect Programs to cover different levels of service needs from the most basic to the most detailed. All of them start with full fertilizer and seeding services because we believe a healthy lawn is the foundation of a beautiful property. Our Picture Perfect Programs bundle multiple services together for the same monthly rate throughout the year, making it much easier for your budget and planning. Each Program can also be optimized with our Plus Program that covers supplemental services.

Prime Program: Starting as low as $40 a month! * This package is PPLM’s standard program, focusing on a healthy foundation for your lawn through a successful and progressive turf management program. The services are performed over the course of eight visits from our fertilization crew.

· Soil Sample & Evaluation
· Fertilization, Lime, & Weed Control
· Aeration & Seeding
· Watch our Video on the Prime Program Below!

Optimize your Prime Program with supplemental services from our Plus packages described below!
Picture Perfect Plus: Starting as low as $22 a month! * This optimal add on package provides your lawn with thorough preventive and corrective services to guarantee its health and longevity. Each of these services are also available individually based on your needs and budget.

· Disease Control: 3 Applications
· Nutsedge Control: 2 Applications
· Grub Control: 1 Application

Also available are targeted treatments and total lawn renovations to address difficult to control weeds such as bermuda, perennial grasses, wild violets, et al. Please speak with a PPLM representative to find out if you qualify for these services.

A-La-Carte: If you are interested in a specific service without signing up for a program, stand alone services are available as well.

· Fertilization, Lime, & Weed Control: starting as low as $40 per application*
· Core Aeration: starting as low as $100*
· Aeration & Seeding: starting as low as $223*

Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance will leave your lawn with a signature style that will have your neighbors turning their heads! We take pride in our services, and as a family owned business, we treat our customers like family!

*based on a less than 3500 sq ft accessible lawn with minimal presence of mulch beds and ornamental growth; reflects a 12 month plan **weather allowing & as needed depending on extent of growth. Coverage period varies with growing seasons. See our website FAQ for more information.
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Get Your Free Lawn Care Estimate:
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