What’s Next: March Lawn Care 2019

March Lawn Care

As we can finally begin the countdown to spring, PPLM’s crews are back in full operation with multiple March lawn care services taking place over the next few weeks. We aren’t out of the woods with winter weather, though; while temperatures seem to be creeping up, it is very normal to expect a few more freezes before the month is out. As a result, everything that we do is going to be touch and go based on the temperatures to make sure that our services are safe and effective for your lawn.

This month sees our fertilization crew continuing our first round of fertilizer and weed control. Additionally, this crew is going to be busy in the next couple of weeks performing spring seeding services for clients that are looking to get a jump on getting their lawn thicker than last season left it. Meanwhile, our maintenance crews are in the full swing of spring mulch installations and are on call to begin mowing services as soon as the grass begins to grow.

March Lawn Care

A PPLM lawn gets a boost of green thanks to an application of Recovery fertilizer.

Fertilizer, Weed Control, & Spring Seeding

PPLM’s first round of fertilizer and weed control in our seven step turf management program is called our Recovery fertilizer. It is a complex and effective blend of organically based fertilizer paired with pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control. The fertilizer being used is carbon based, giving it the ability to transfer multiple fertility components efficiently. The pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control built into this treatment covers the first of two spring weed control applications. Pre-emergent weed control reduces the occurrence of spring and summer weeds like crabgrass and some broadleaf weeds by preventing their germination. Post-emergent weed control kills off most existing broadleaf weeds that have developed during fall and winter.

The first two weeks of March lawn care (weather allowing) are the ideal window in RVA to apply fescue seed if spring seeding is desired. Generally, spring seeding is not necessary for most lawns if fall seeding is performed annually. Fall is the more ideal time anyway because the conditions are better suited to proper germination with fewer caveats than seeding in the spring. However, numerous PPLM clients are wishing to take advantage of spring seeding this year due to the difficult conditions seen last year due to the weather and fungal threats. If you haven’t already, contact our office to discuss whether or not spring seeding is right for you.

March Lawn Care

A lawn that has been restored thanks to a year of PPLM care

Spring Mulch & Mowing

Spring is the best time to have fresh mulch installed. A spring mulch installation done as part of your February lawn care not only instantly improves the appearance of a yard, but it also adds an insulating barrier for the roots of ornamental plants in a flower bed. In addition to locking in moisture and protecting roots from summer heat, spring mulch installation provides nutrients for these bushes, trees, and flowers as the mulch breaks down throughout the year.

In addition to being hard at work providing mulch services to many of our clients, or maintenance crew has our mowers primed and ready to run as soon as we see the grass starting to grow consistently. A warm week in February had some lawns starting to perk up, but the freezing temperatures that followed shut it right back down. Most years, March is when lawns begin to wake up, and we are constantly monitoring their progress to efficiently dispatch our mow crews for the season. If your lawn is getting tall and you haven’t seen our mow crews yet for your 2019 cutting service, please contact our office to let us know.

Mulching around ornamental plants like with these tree rings insulates their roots and provides great nutrition.

March is one of the most important months of the year for homeowners and lawn care professionals alike. It’s a pivotal time for fertilizer and weed control, part of a narrow window of opportunity for spring seeding ventures, the start to the busy season for mulch installation in flower beds, and most likely when the lawn is going to need to be mowed for the first time. With so much to do and think of, it’s important to stay up to date and keep an eye on the grass.

If you’re a PPLM client interested in any of the above services, let us know! If you’re not a PPLM client, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started on achieving your lawn goals.

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