The Aeration and Seeding Process

The aeration and seeding process for a fescue lawn varies in its steps between companies and whether it includes liquid aeration or core aeration, but there are some standards of practice that are universal and beneficial across the board. Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance is a turf management company in the Richmond, Virginia area that specializes in the care of a fescue lawn. As such, PPLM knows how important a routine and efficient aeration and seeding process is.

Step One: Getting Ready

In order to keep an efficient schedule, PPLM plans aeration and seeding services a week in advance. As with any outdoor work, planning farther ahead than this can be difficult due to the unpredictability of the weather. Once a service is scheduled, clients receive notification through a call, email, and/or text depending on their preference. This week ahead notification serves several purposes.

First, it gives clients plenty of notice to make sure that there will be no conflict for the service. Other work such as tree removal, landscaping, or construction on the property can prevent the lawn from being completely serviced, which is why notice is so important. Second, it is an opportunity for any unanswered questions to be asked about the service or anything else. Third, for new clients, it is an opportunity to process the payment for the service so everything is ready to go. And fourth, it gives the client the time they need to mow the lawn lower and, if they’re receiving a core aeration service, flag sprinkler heads and water the lawn to get the soil a bit softer.

In addition to the week out notification, Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance also provides its clients with a second reminder the day before. This is a back up notice in the event something was forgotten or missed. At any point in between, all clients are always welcome to contact a member of our team with any questions they might have about the aeration and seeding process.

Step Two: The Big Day

Upon arrival at a property to begin the aeration and seeding process, trained and certified Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance team members verify the services being performed and inspect the property to make sure necessary preparation has been done. A team member rings the doorbell in case the client is home and wishes to discuss the service or just be notified that PPLM representatives are on the property. At that point, the service can begin, but not every service is the same. For example, Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance offers its clients the option between core aeration and liquid aeration.

If the property receives core aeration, a high quality core aerator is driven across the lawn in overlapping passes, maximizing on the service by providing double or triple the number of cores. If the property receives liquid aeration, the property is treated using a spray machine or a hose to apply the product appropriately. A spreading machine follows behind at a calibrated rate to apply high quality fescue seed to the lawn areas, and borders along flowerbeds or in tight corners are seeded by hand. If the client is also signed up for lime or starter fertilizer, these treatments are performed with the visit as well.

Once all of the services are completed, Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance team members perform a final inspection of the property to make sure everything is in order. Driveways and sidewalks are blown off to clear any displaced seed or fertilizer. A packet is left behind on the door of the client with information about each part of the services done that day as well as specific instructions on proper seeding aftercare.

Step Three:The Aftermath

The proper care of your fescue lawn after it has been seeded is the only way to guarantee successful germination and longevity. This is why it is so important to work with a company that will provide its clients with careful guidance on the right way to care for baby grass. For a month after seed is applied in the fall, watering should be done with low volumes at high frequencies, and all types of traffic across the lawn should be avoided, especially mowing. In addition to providing written resources, Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance is also proactive in being available to any clients who have additional questions.

What additional steps do you take during the aeration and seeding process? Be sure to share in the comments below! No matter what is done, every step should be done well to ensure a Picture Perfect lawn the next season.

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