Lawn Care Midlothian Virginia

Lawn Care Midlothian Virginia

Lawn Care Midlothian Virginia
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The search for reliable Lawn Care Midlothian Virginia services is one that the majority of American households will have to undergo at some point during their homeownership. DIY options seem less expensive at first glance, but the cost of personal time and usually mediocre results that has to be added onto the product cost ends up making the effort a hassle and a chore very quickly. As a result, more and more RVA homeowners in areas like Midlothian, Chesterfield, Moseley, and others are looking to local professionals to help them with their lawn care goals.

When it comes time to explore the service providers in fertilizer, weed control, aeration, seeding, and other specialty for Lawn Care Midlothian Virginia services, where should a homeowner look first? Most people will turn to the big companies that dominate the state out of familiarity and convenience, but this isn’t always the best option. More and more homeowners are realizing that these major players in the turf management industry cut corners and compromise on customer service quality to keep rates low. Lawns fall into a “one size fits all” program as a result and suffer when not all nutritional needs are being met.

Side by side with these industry giants are the start up lawn care guys that are just breaking into the lawn care world. Most of these service providers are one man operations that focus on mowing, but will throw down a few applications of fertilizer a year. There are tens of thousands of lawn care companies like this in the state of Virginia, and unfortunately, few of them stick around for long or provide proper care for fescue due to limited resources.

So what does that leave? Fortunately, Lawn Care Midlothian Virginia is being given a whole new face thanks to Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance, the middle ground between the industry giants and the lawn care rookies. PPLM has been in operation for well over ten years, but has stood fast as a family owned and operated local company. Rather than cut corners to grow quickly and skimp on service, PPLM has experienced slow and steady growth to make sure every client we take on is treated with personalized care. Meanwhile, PPLM’s experience and knowledgeability paired with our well established network of manufacturers, distributors, and peers gives us the resources and education we need to build some of the most attractive lawns in RVA.

But Picture Perfect lawns don’t just stop at attractive. They don’t even stop at thick, uniform, or clean of weeds. PPLM’s lawns are healthy. That might not seem like a big deal at face value; so long as the lawn looks good, what does it matter? It matters because a healthy lawn is going to require less input like fertilizer and irrigation, is going to be more resistant to heat, disease, and stress, and will even be easier to mow. A Picture Perfect lawn has well established, complex root systems and actually sees the creation of topsoil and organic matter! This ends up assisting in the remediation of grading and drainage issues many homeowners see in their yard.

Don’t compromise on Lawn Care Midlothian Virginia. You deserve to work with a company that’s as well established as the big guys, but values your business and takes their time like the little guys. Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance can help you with all of your Lawn Care Midlothian Virginia needs, and we look forward to hearing from you soon: (804) 530-2540.

PPLM is revolutionizing professional Lawn Care Midlothian Virginia in the following ways and more:

● – We offer a state of the art organically based fertilization program that is applied with sophisticated, calibrated equipment for accuracy and success!

● – We are a licensed and insured family owned company in RVA that has been doing this for decades with a diverse and passionate team!

● – We are a licensed and insured family owned company in RVA that has been doing this for decades with a diverse and passionate team!

● – We never subcontract any lawn services; if you’ve hired PPLM, you will always be receiving PPLM work!

If you’re looking for Lawn Care Midlothian Virginia, contact us today for a quote on how to make your lawn Picture Perfect: (804) 530-2540

Lawn Care Services That PPLM Provides For Midlothian Lawns:

● – Tailored and Detailed Fertilization Programs

● – Weed Control

● – Aeration and Overseeding

● – Mosquito Control

● – Fungus Control

● – Grub Control

● – Nutsedge Control

● – Plus More…….

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