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Lawn Care Aeration & Seeding by Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance.    Expect More; Receive More.

Providing quality residential and commercial lawn care aeration and seeding since 2005,  our mission remains the same: “We take the time to provide every job with the careful attention and professional effort that is expected.”  To learn more about how we may help with Lawn Care Fertilization visit our Lawn Care Blog.  Visit the Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance Home Page , Lawn Care Gallery Page , and PPLM YouTube to see examples of our work.

For a member of the RVA community, weekends are better spent exploring the area and making memories with family and friends than worrying about the state of their lawn. That’s where PPLM steps in. Our family owned and operated company, local to RVA with decades of experience, respects how valuable your time and energy are. We help RVA residents keep their RVA Lawn Care and community Picture Perfect through our leading fertilization program and supportive services. We’re grateful to be able to provide stellar service to your neighbors in RVA and the surrounding communities, and we hope to have the chance to provide you with the same amazing results for your lawn!

Hopewell Lawn Care

Hopewell Lawn Care

Hopewell Lawn Care
Hopewell Lawn Care provided by PPLM

Hopewell lawn care doesn’t have to involve such a struggle to find a professional and reliable company for fertilizer, weed control, aeration, seeding, and other services. Aren’t you tired of feeling like the only person in Hopewell, VA without a head turning lawn? Does your Hopewell, VA lawn care routine feel like your least favorite chore on the list? Do you feel like you’re on the losing end of the fight against weeds? It’s time to stop slaving over your lawn and finally become its master.

Hopewell, VA is full of great history and established, proud neighborhoods with diverse communities and enriching opportunities. As such, Hopewell lawn care should emphasize the strength of this city and provide its residents lawns that they can be proud of. Too many turf management companies in our area are either overpriced or unreliable, building mistrust between citizens of Hopewell, VA and the professional lawn care industry.

That’s where Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance has established itself as a company striving to make a difference. At PPLM, we know how it feels to want a beautiful, thick, healthy lawn that you can be proud of from a company that you can trust. PPLM is shaking up Hopewell lawn care by offering some of the area’s best turf management services at convenient and affordable monthly rates. It’s a win win situation for homeowners across RVA.

So how do you take the first step toward building a Picture Perfect lawn through fertilizer, weed control, or other lawn services? You simply give our office a call! We always have a trained and courteous member of our team available to answer your questions and meet with you in person. PPLM is bringing quality lawn service and quality customer service back to Hopewell, VA, and we look forward to working with you soon!
You deserve better, and that’s why Hopewell, VA is calling (804) 530-2540 to achieve a Picture Perfect Lawn with our: PPLM
Prime Program

PPLM Prime Program

If you’re a Hopewell VA resident seeking Lawn Care, contact us today for a quote on how to make your lawn Picture Perfect: (804) 530-2540

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Contact us today for the chance to make your Lawn Picture Perfect: (804) 530-2540

Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance will leave your
lawn with a fresh design that will have your
neighbors turning their heads!
We take pride in our services, and as a family owned business, we treat our customers like family.

DIY vs. Professional Lawn Care

Dinwiddie Lawn Care

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Chester Lawn Care

Chester Lawn Care

Chester lawn care doesn’t have to be such a chore. Instead of spending all of your leisure time researching Virginia lawn care topics like fertilizer, aeration, seeding, and weed control, then going out and buying these lawn care and turf management products and pieces of equipment, then coming home and having to spend all day… Continue Reading

How to Stripe a Lawn

How to Stripe a Lawn

How to stripe a lawn And Other Mowing Tips How to stripe a lawn is one of the hottest inquires PPLM gets asked to discuss by homeowners and professionals alike thanks to the signature Picture Perfect style we leave on the lawns we maintain. That being said, there are several other aspects to mowing technique… Continue Reading

Watering the Lawn

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Mild Winter

Mild Winter

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Fescue and Heat

Fescue and Heat

Fescue and heat are fighting an age old battle that many homeowners will be facing during the months of summer. As RVA enters May, weather patterns continue to fluctuate and the average daytime temperature drives up into the 80s and 90s. Turf type tall fescue, the lawn of choice for most residents of the Greater… Continue Reading

Grub Control

Grub Control included in The Picture Perfect Plus Package Grub control is a valuable component to a thorough turf management program, but like nutsedge control as discussed in the previous installment of our Plus Package series, it is considered an elective service and kept as an option separate from a standard maintenance program. While every… Continue Reading

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