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Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation

Lawn renovation is in a lot of ways the “atomic bomb drop” of the turf management world. When tall fescue grass is your goal, this method of redoing lawn areas in your yard takes you from killing off a lawn in full to seeding fescue heavily and reestablishing uniform turf. Pursuing a fall lawn renovation… Continue Reading

July Newsletter 2019

Happy Fourth of July! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!On Thursday, July 11th at 9:00pm, PPLM will be hosting our first live show on our YouTube Channel! This show will feature John Perry, the creator of our liquid aeration product and much more. Caety and John will be available through YouTube to answer questions from anyone who logs in… Continue Reading

Hopewell Lawn Care

Hopewell Lawn Care

Hopewell lawn care doesn’t have to involve such a struggle to find a professional and reliable company for fertilizer, weed control, aeration, seeding, and other services. Aren’t you tired of feeling like the only person in Hopewell, VA without a head turning lawn? Does your Hopewell, VA lawn care routine feel like your least favorite… Continue Reading

Colonial Heights Lawn Care

Colonial Heights lawn care on a professional and successful scale has been for too long a far fetched dream for many residents. Whether it’s been the pursuit of fertilizer, weed control, core aeration, seeding, or anything else related to building a beautiful lawn, the amount of time, money, and energy that goes into either doing… Continue Reading

Dinwiddie Lawn Care

Dinwiddie lawn care should be something that brings you joy, not misery. There are already too many things in life that are unpleasant, whether it’s having to work one on one with your least favorite co-worker, watching gas prices climb higher each time you stop to fill your tank, or anything else you’re dealing with… Continue Reading

How to Stripe a Lawn

How to Stripe a Lawn

How to stripe a lawn And Other Mowing Tips How to stripe a lawn is a question homeowners frequently ask. When you are ready to mow your lawn, there are several other aspects to mowing technique that are just as important to both the health of your lawn and its appearance. Mowing height, blade sharpness,… Continue Reading

May Flowers 2019

May Flowers 2019 Next for Your Lawn In May With a sudden and unexpected heat wave that pulled temperatures as high as the 90s last week, May is shaping up to be a fairly dry and warm month. As a result, most lawns are getting thirsty at this point. If you haven’t already, now is… Continue Reading

Watering the Lawn

Watering the lawn Best Practices for Fescue Turf Watering the lawn is a necessity for most homeowners in RVA with fescue turf due to the heat we experience in the summer. Of all the questions that homeowners ask the turf management professionals they hire to maintain their lawn, those about watering schedules and systems are… Continue Reading

Lawn Service Scheduling

Why it’s More Complicated Than it Looks Lawn service scheduling is a commonly miscommunicated and misunderstood process between providers and clients. Lawn care work such as fertilizer, aeration and seeding, mowing, mulching, and more is a tricky field of services when it comes to public perception versus reality. An industry that is stereotyped as nothing… Continue Reading

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