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Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization

Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization by Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance (804) 530-2540Fall has officially arrived!  Is your lawn and irrigation system prepared for winter?  Have you been searching for Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization Services?  Well, you’re in luck!  When it comes to getting excellent service with the outcome  that you expect, Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance (PPLM) is your “go to” lawn care service provider for a picture perfect lawn!

PPLM is ranked the best provider of lawn care and landscaping services for a variety of subdivisions like Bellwood Subdivision, Belmont Subdivision, Bexley Subdivision, Bermuda Hundred Subdivision, Bon Air Subdivision, Brandermill Subdivision, Charter Colony Subdivision, Hallsley Subdivision, Chester Subdivision, Hampton Farms Subdivision, Courthouse Subdivision, Enon Subdivision, Ettrick Subdivision, Fox Creek Subdivision, Genito Subdivision, Gordon Subdivision, Hallsley Subdivision, Hampton Farms Subdivision, Hampton Park Subdivision, Hampton Farms Subdivision, Harrowgate Subdivision, Hening Subdivision, Highlands Subdivision, Jefferson Davis North Subdivision, Hampton Farms Subdivision, Manchester Subdivision, Matoaca Subdivision, Meadowbrook Subdivision, Midlothian Subdivision, Moseley Subdivision, Reams Subdivision, Reeds Landing Subdivision, Robious Subdivision, Rockwood Subdivision, Salisbury Subdivision, South Rockwood Subdivision, Spring Run Subdivision, Summer Lake Subdivision, Summerford Subdivision, Winterpock Subdivision, Hallsley Subdivision, and Woodlake Subdivision.



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Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization by Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance (804) 530-2540PPLM provides lawn care services to residents throughout Chesterfield County and surrounding areas.  We offer annual lawn maintenance programs and ala carte servicing including:

  • Fertilization applications tailored to your lawn’s needs.
  • Regimented weed control programs for each season.
  • Landscaping including mulch beds, planting, hardscapes and more.
  • Aeration and over-seeding in the fall to prepare spring growth.
  • Annual shrub and tree pruning by an experienced arborist.



Check out this video to learn more about Chesterfield Virginia Lawn Care Custom Lawn Maintenance



Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization by Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance (804) 530-2540

For the best picture perfect lawn, we provide a consistent schedule for our client. Picture Perfect team members are trained on how to utilize the proper application of seed and what type of seed, environmentally friends weed eliminator, fungus and insect control.

The type of lawn care depends on the season. For example: the fall season is an ideal time to aerate your lawn, apply seed, fertilizer to protect the roots during cold winter months, and last but not lease, planting for spring!  PPLM’s Annual Lawn Care Maintenance program is tailored to each customers’ lawn.  Our standard services includes professional mowing, line trimming around all trees, posts, fencing, edging all sidewalks, patios and driveways with a blade edger and clean up of all clippings.




Picture Perfect Annual Lawn Care Program

Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization


Late Summer is the Time for Aeration and Over Seeding!

(804) 530-2540


Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization

Annual Lawn Care Maintenance Program

Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization by Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance (804) 530-2540Because each lawn is different from the next and requires different needs, we customize our Picture Perfect Lawn Care Service for each Virginia Lawn Care customer.

PPLM’s complete full service program includes mowing, trimming and pruning, custom organic fertilization, aeration, over-seeding, weed, fungus, and insect control. Our professional staff mows and maintains sharp edges along sidewalks, patios and driveways.


Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization Services

Core Aeration and Over Seeding

Core Aerating in the fall allows for greater water retention and air circulation at the root system
and helps reduce soil compaction. The result is a thicker, greener and healthier looking lawn.

Lawn Care Striping

Our professional mowers carefully cut straight lines to create a beautiful “Striping” design. With a luscious green lawn from our customized full service solution, the striping completes a truly a Picture Perfect view.

Annual Fertilization Process

Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization by Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance (804) 530-2540

Phase 1: The early spring application eliminates the issues of compaction and preparing more adequate root pore space. The organic ingredients assures that roots are consistently nourished as well as provided with raw materials that assist in stimulating the eco-system surrounding the roots.

Phase 2: This late spring application is a combination of quick and slow release fertilizer to keep the turf greener longer. Pre-emergent is also included to help control germination of crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds. Post-emergent weed control helps with existing winter weeds.

Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization by Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance (804) 530-2540Phase 3: Our early summer application is to bring long lasting color to the lawn during the most stressful time of the year. The high-energy compost keeps soil biology active which enhances the soil’s ability to give moisture and nutrients to the plant. It’s further formulated with slow-release Nitrogen fertilizer to keep the turf green and photosynthesizing during the summer months.

Phase 4: The late summer application is an organic starter fertilizer. Put out right ahead of aeration and seeding it provides all the needed nutrients and biological response to turn seed into seedlings. It also works at this time of year as summer-stress relief application.

Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization by Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance (804) 530-2540Phase 5: Our fall application will provide your turf with a nutrient rich fertilizer that will produce a rich deep color with long lasting results. The combination of compost makes this an ideal dormant feed product, a good spring green up product and an exceptional post summer recovery product.

Phase 6: This early winter is the most important growing season for turf of the entire year. It has a 1:1 ratio of nitrogen to calcium, and that is a very important combination for the plant during root development and over-wintering.




Late Summer is the Time for Aeration and Over Seeding!

(804) 530-2540


“We take the time to provide every job with the careful attention and professional effort that is expected. We take pride in our work and we want our customers to be completely satisfied with the results.”


There are many advantages to using PPLM as your lawn care and landscaping service provider. 

Environmentally Friendly. Our fertilization process is one of the best in the industries. We incorporate all organic fertilization materials that decrease the amount of synthetic chemicals, which is normally used. Our company is committed to keeping America clean straight through to the roots!

Convenience. Picture Perfect offers the state of the art, online customer account portal. Our customers can login and order services, send messages, and pay their bill, all from the convenience of their home. We want our customers to sit back, relax and enjoy their Picture Perfect Lawn!

Locally Owned. Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance is a family-owned and operated company located in Colonial Heights, Virginia. For more than ten years PPLM has services residents of subdivisions throughout Chesterfield County including: Bellwood, Belmont, Bexley, Bermuda Hundred, Bon Air, Brandermill, Charter Colony, Hallsley, Chester, Hampton Farms, Courthouse, Enon, Ettrick, Fox Creek, Genito, Gordon, Hallsley, Hampton Farms, Hampton Park, Hampton Farms, Harrowgate, Hening, Highlands, Jefferson Davis North, Hampton Farms, Manchester, Matoaca, Meadowbrook, Midlothian, Moseley, Reams, Reeds Landing, Robious, Rockwood, Salisbury, South Rockwood, Spring Run, Summer Lake, Summerford, Winterpock, Hallsley, and Woodlake. In addition to Chesterfield, Picture Perfect operates in Chester, Colonial Heights, Prince George, Hopewell, Fort Lee, Petersburg, Richmond, Hanover, Henrico, Powhatan, Amelia and surrounding areas.


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Hampton Farms Lawn Aeration Seeding Fertilization by Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance (804) 530-2540

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President of Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance. With over 20 years in the commercial and residential lawn care business, Jimmy leads his team of experienced and well trained lawn care specialist to provide extraordinary quality and service.

He insures and guarantees that every lawn care customer is completely satisfied with their work. As a local, family business, he takes the time to understand his customers' needs and makes sure their expectations are met.

Jimmy and his wife Lisa work together with their children, Blake, Brandyn, and Emily along with other specialist to make Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance the best Lawn Care Service and Value available to Central and Southside Virginia.

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