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PPLM Newsletter July 2017

PPLM Lawn Care News for July 2017

Time to Get Rooted

As we enter the hottest part of the year, lawns in our area feel a great strain because of the cool season grasses most homeowners have. These lawns thrive in cooler weather and as a result are at their lowest in the heat. One of the most important factors to your lawn’s health during this time of stress is root development, and this month’s newsletter focuses on managing root health. The longer the lawn’s roots, the better it is able to withstand high temperatures during the summer. Our fertilizer program is formulated to provide your soil with the key nutrients involved in root development, and our fertilizer crew regularly monitors the development of your lawn’s roots. If you haven’t received one already, a soil evaluation of your yard is a great way for our team to assess the nutrients and the pH of your property and customize your program to give you even better results. Call us today to discuss your fertilizer and your lawn’s roots!

Got Grubs?

While certain bugs like worms and bees are a valuable part of your yard’s health, grubs are not one of them. Grubs are the small, white larvae of certain types of beetles. They live a couple of inches underneath turfgrass and feed on the roots as they grow. As a result, grub infestations can be detrimental to the health of your lawn by ruining its root development. Grubs begin to be an issue this time of year, but continue into the fall and can do the most damage then, especially after aeration and seeding when you need new grass to take root and grow. Adult beetles in turn feed on the foliage of ornamental plant growth before laying their eggs and starting the cycle over. Signs of grub problems include dead patches of the yard, a strong presence of animals hunting for them in the grass, and a spongy lawn with weak root support. To treat and prevent grub infestations, PPLM offers affordable and effective grub control that can be added to your service anytime.